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Robocleaner intelligent robots details sweeping parameters
Basic parameters Listing Date: October 2013
Body Width: 33 cm
Body thickness: 6.8 cm
Working height: 8 cm
MCU: Dual-Core
Rated power: 30W
Suction value: 45mmAq
Noise 90 cm Found: 45dB
UV germicidal Life: 6000H
Exterior Material: environmental protection material ABS matte surface

Function Configuration

Walk-detection: built 12 sets of ultrasonic sensors bionic
Automatic recharge: Active ultrasonic sensor automatically charge function
Virtual Wall: Rechargeable ultrasonic virtual wall configuration (two on the 5th standard rechargeable batteries), the effective distance of about 3M Virtual Wall

RF remote control: RF Unlimited RF remote (effective range of 10 meters)
Appointment Scheduling Function: with appointment scheduling function LCD screen cradle, a weekly cycle work automatically set schedule an appointment
Anti-drop function: the robot at the bottom with four weeks six pairs of anti-fall detection sensors fully enclosed settings, sensor 8 cm high level anti-drop
Free touch / slow touch: Android Smart Free touch / slow touch of a key switch function
Cold cathode UV germicidal: cold cathode ultraviolet illumination 1500UW/CM2, disinfection efficiency can reach 99.97%
Wheels / off-road wheels: Wheels silent configuration, PVE Elastic lifting off-road wheels for a variety of ground and will not scratch the floor

Cleaning mode

Walking pattern: random walk model, fixed spiral pattern, Yanbian cleaning mode, the farming style walking pattern, spiral pattern pentagon
Bilateral brush configuration: Bilateral brush cleaning system to effectively clean area increased by 50%
Lift V Brush patent: the main brush down V-shaped, depending on ground conditions, close to the ground cleaning, deep cleaning the dust absorbed on the ground and the bottom of the gap in the dust Vacuum: Import Nidec brushless motor, high speed, low noise vacuum
Planning type cleaning: Equipped with two MCU, using the built-in 12 pairs of ultrasonic sensors detect obstacles accurately the distance, after repeated cleaning of the home space, constantly revised household spatial orientation diagram, system planning an optimal cleaning mode combinations.

Standard accessories

Standard accessories: RF remote control, rechargeable virtual wall, appointment scheduling charging stand, power adapter, 2800 mA NiMH battery
RF remote control: Portable Slim Wireless RF Remote Control 3V + CR2032 button battery a
Virtual Wall: Rechargeable ultrasonic virtual wall, BYD 5 # one pair of rechargeable batteries
Host Battery: BYD 2800mAh rechargeable NiMH batteries (900 lossless charge)
Host comes Supplies: side brush one pair, one pair of main brush, filters a small brush (dust box), in addition to hair (charger base)

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