Pager Digital Restaurant Coaster

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Pager Digital Restaurant Coaster
Pager Digital Restaurant Coaster
  T18 Features (Transmitter)

1 carry, waterproof drop resistance.
2 in the open environment, the maximum reception distance of about 200 meters.
3 There are 3 modes to select: vibration, noise and flashing lights.
4 built-in rechargeable battery

R18 Features (Coaster Pager) wiring, easy to install, with 10 PCSreceiver uses.
2. in the open environment, the maximum signal transmission range of about 200 meters.
3.can be infinitely extended the receiving host to match the larger premises or departments.

Delivery with 1 Transmitter and 10 Pager!





Transmitting frequency

433.92 MHZ

Audio output


Transmitting distance

1500m in the open area

Working temperature


Store temperature


Case material

ABS material


20 ( + 580,00 EUR )
30 ( + 1.110,00 EUR )
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