V7 Bluetooth Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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V7 Bluetooth Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
V7 Bluetooth Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
About the product
1. Super Silence
- The noise level of this product keeps only 50dB. Even in one single room, you will not feel any noise.
2. Multi-angles Obstacle Detection
- There are totally 11 pairs of obstacle sensors covering the whole front side of the product. Walls, corners, furniture, etc. No matter they are big parts or small obstacles, all could be effectively detected and product will not touch the obstacles to protect your belongs.
3. Everyday Scheduling
- The scheduling setting of this product is very unique and it is everyday scheduling; you could schedule different cleaning time as you like. Enjoy a more relaxed life.
4. Dust Bin Wash
- Dust bin could be washed by water. Simply wash dust bin under water per use to avoid dust blowing in the air to cause a second pollution
5. Various Cleaning Modes
- Auto Cleaning Mode: The robot will clean a room automatically and adjust its cleaning according to the situation.
- Spot Cleaning Mode: Put the product near a dirtier area, and press SPOT to start spot cleaning
- Edge Cleaning Mode: When the robot detects obstacles (wall for example), it will start cleaning the corner with its side brush.
- Scheduling Mode: When certain time is scheduled, the robot will leave the home base and start working in the scheduled time.
6. Support APP Bluetooth Remote Control

Package Include
- 1 x V7 Vacuum Cleaner
- 1 x Charging Home Base
- 1 x Remote Control
- 1 x Power Adapter
- 1 x Cleaning Tool
- 1 x User Manual
- 1 x Extra Side Brush
- 1 x Cloth
- 1 x Extra HEPA Filter
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